Monday, 12 April 2010

The fear of the Underground

For most people, they suffer from the generic fears like spiders, snakes and heights. As a person who suffers from a massive phobia of heights (I wont even stand on a chair), going to London usually turns into an ordeal as i take the first look up at the underground escalators.

Now to most of my friends and family, this is a funny sight to see me quivering at the sight of the sheer height of the things. Now in a shopping centre, there OK, but it's a completely different environment.

Going up on an underground poses many nervous moments. Firstly, there's so many people around you and people running up beside you as well as the whole escalator encased in this metal tube with a low ceiling. Now I don't suffer from claustrophobia, but this is horrendous. You can't see where you're going, even though I'm over 6ft, and you cant see where you've been. The speed is so slow, I'm sure they do it on purpose to torture people like me. Finally the sheer height, which is although uncontrollable, terrifying. Why don't they just make lots of mini ones?

Angel station, Northern Line. I haven't been on this one and don't intend on either. The strange thing is though, I'm not scared of going down them....

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